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23 Nostalgic Childhood Things!

This is for the 90's kids out there, or even the parents that raised 90's kids. Take a look at these 23 things that'll make you want to time warp back into the 90's! 1. Blow up furniture blow up chairs Everyone wanted them, until you realized how uncomfortable they were (not to mention how long they took to inflate)! 2. Orange tapes orange tape I think it just felt like any movie you watched from an orange tape was 10 times better 3. Treasure Trolls  trolls How creepy were these? 4. Choker necklaces choker If you owned one of these bad boys, you were definitely one of the cool kids at the school disco! 5. Cereal toys  cereal prize Why did they stop doing this again? 6. The coolest computer program kidpix You could spend hours creating your own masterpiece with this, but you probably had to wait even longer for your computer to dial up. 7. The best artwork ever enhanced-buzz-19435-1369851723-11 I'm sure you'd find these drawn all over your notebooks from back then. 8. The original iPod enhanced-buzz-16889-1369851353-14   Even though you could only listen to about 15 seconds of N Sync, Hit Clips were awesome! 9. See through phone enhanced-buzz-14894-1369851202-4 These phones were the best, until you got all tangled in the cord. 10. Sky dancers enhanced-buzz-14845-1369851403-13 Probably the most wanted Christmas present for any girl at the time 11. Pokemon cards enhanced-buzz-19435-1369851671-8   These bad boys made recess SO much better! 12. Tamagotchi enhanced-buzz-19430-1369851755-24 If you carried yours with you wherever you went, yours was sure to have a long life span (let's say that means 2 weeks or so).   13. Blockbuster video enhanced-buzz-14895-1369852182-19 Oh how I miss going to Blockbuster with friends to choose a movie, instead of surfing Netflix. 14. The Best Screensaver Ever  enhanced-buzz-22174-1369852257-17 (No words needed..) 15. Walkman enhanced-buzz-20668-1373869112-30     All cool kids had these before they were available for CD's. 16. Super soaker enhanced-buzz-2795-1387402219-19   You were sure to win any water fight with one of these! 17. Nintendo 64 enhanced-buzz-4887-1387409179-36 Pretty sure these are worth a lot of money now.. 18. Polly pocket enhanced-buzz-3930-1387404604-20 Polly was definitely the new barbie at the time, in a travel size version. 19. Easy bake oven enhanced-buzz-24000-1387409073-4 These made any little girl feel so grown up, especially because they really worked. 20. Furby A  Furby Original pink & grey So much fun until they woke you up in the middle of the night saying 'feed me'. 21. Power rangers enhanced-buzz-18010-1387409751-2 "It's morphin' time!" 22. Beanie toys enhanced-buzz-6840-1387406929-21 You'd think they would be worth a lot now, but nope, they're still worth a couple of dollars. 23. Action man Stan034 Forget Ken, Action Man was sure to come to the rescue!

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