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Ireland’s repeal of abortion law called for liberation on women’s bodies


Ireland took further steps on its abortion law with its historical referendum on Friday. The huge turn-out was a success for women's rights as the poll results on Saturday suggested a pro-repeal by 66.4 percent as opposed to the 33.6 percent who were against the idea. It was in response to the 1983 Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution which banned the procedure and the authorization of allowing pregnant women to have choice. With the referendum, the abolishment of the eighth amendment enabled the introduction of a health care service that would assist to women who are up until 12 weeks into pregnancy.

Photo: People from "Yes" campaign (AP Photo/ Peter Morrison)

Campaigners for the repeal of the law saw the success as a monumental day for women in Ireland and a "rejection of an Ireland that treated women as second-class citizens," according to Ola O'Connor, co-director of the " Together for Yes" group. The approval of abortion in Ireland will end decades long of women having to travel to neighbouring countries, in particular Britain, for abortion procedures.

After the law that allowed same-sex marriage in 2015, Ireland makes another historical amendment with its laws: the repeal of their abortion law. This is a big step for the country as they enter into the modern age and signified women's rights being at the forefront of Ireland moving forward. Ireland's Prime Minister and its first openly gay leader, Leo Varadkar, noted that with the success of the repeal of the abortion law, "We have voted for the next generation."

By Mary Angeline Joven

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