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The Power of the Media and the Case of Two Inspiring Middle Eastern Girls


The news stories about two Middle Eastern girls are proof that a lot is going on behind closed doors in contrast to what the US media does or does not portray. A 17-year-old Palestinian girl is awaiting her fate in Israeli military court and was forcibly taken from her family Monday morning.

Ahed Tamimi is the daughter of non-violent activists Bassem and Nariaman Tamimi who have fought for their family since 2015 when this photo below was released. Mohammed, the 12-year-old brother of Ahed, was being choked during a protest when the photo below went viral. It appears that the Israeli soldier is being fought off in order for the family to protect their brother/son from being arrested.

The Tamimi's defending Mohammed during a protest. Photo courtesy of RT Question more.

During a protest this past Friday, Mohammed was shot in the head with a rubber coated bullet and is currently in the hospital in a coma. Ahed and her cousin began pushing the Israeli soldiers in order to get into their home, which was caught on video. The soldiers were recognized for not attacking the girls, however, they proceeded to take Ahed from her home in the early hours of the morning.

Palestinian activist and Turkish Courage Award winner Ahed Tamimi awaiting trial in Israeli court. Photo courtesy of RT Question More.

In contrast, Bana Al-abed's twitter posts in October 2016 became viral overnight when the 7-year-old Syrian girl began stating facts about the siege of the city Aleppo. Fearing for her family's life, Al-abed's mother, Fatemah helped her daughter to state topics in English about Aleppo such as airstrikes, hunger, and massacres in order to bring attention to the Assad government. The girl gained followers and attention from many. In the end, the girl barely spoke any English, but has learned the language, wrote a book, and continues to tour and do talks around the US about her journey to safety after the attack of Aleppo.

Bana Al-abed's twitter post about Aleppo. Photo courtesy of CBS News.

In the end, the power of the media helped Al-abed with her story and created awareness quickly and internationally. On the other hand, Ahed Tamimi barely has any media coverage about her current trial and has a 98% chance of being convicted. What will become of Tamimi for her brave and strong activist efforts? One can only hope that Ahed is freed from the Israeli charges.

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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