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TIME’s Person of the Year Goes to “The Silent Breakers”


This time around the official Person of the Year is an important one and makes a huge social statement to all women and men all over the world. The annual issue of TIME Magazine's Person of the Year focuses on one individual or group that has strongly influenced events that occurred over the past year. The brave and strong female celebrities known as "The Silence Breakers" are featured on the cover of the issue, which includes Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Melissa Melano, and activist Tarana Burke who helped spark the viral #MeToo movement. The movement was created after several Harvey Weinstein allegations were released this past October. All of these women used their power for the greater good by sharing stories on personal experiences of sexual harassment.

Photo courtesy of TIME Magazine.

Due to female and male celebrities coming forward, countless men and women around the world feel that they can also speak out about the workplace and public harassment. Inside the magazine, there are stories and pictures of lobbyists, activists, office assistants, professors, journalists, and others who have either been sexually harassed or experienced dealing with cases of sexual misconduct.

Photo courtesy of TIME Magazine.

Progress is being made in Hollywood and in the workplace with ground rules being set up for the future. For example, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Board of Governors officially released a new Standard of Conduct document today. Also, working men and women are advised to go with a co-worker or friend to act as a witness when reporting an incident of sexual harassment to a boss or supervisor. "The Silence Breakers" is well deserving of the title Person of the Year because they are the people that got the ball rolling in the fight to reduce harassment at work and in public. The bravery of these men and women is not being taken lightly and it is about time!

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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