Call to Action: End suffering of Rohingya people of Myanmar


Enough is enough.

The brutal acts against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar have gone on for far too long and need to come to an end.

World leaders and officials from 56 Muslim nations came together this week in an emergency meeting at the first Islamic-world Summit on Science and Technology in Astana Kazakhstan to condemn Myanmar for the acts and urge them to accept UN monitors to investigate all of the established violations of international human rights.

The leaders and officials at the meeting included the Turkish president, the Pakistani president, the Bangladeshi president among others from the Islamic world.

The summit was organised by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which is the world's largest Muslim body with 57-member states.

The organisers urged Muslim countries as well as the European Union and United Nations agencies to take action and aid in easing the suffering of the Rohingya people of Myanmar.

The OIC itself is ready to provide any humanitarian assistance, but according to the OIC Secretary General, Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen "the plight of the Rohingya weighs on the conscience of not just on Muslim nations, but the entire world."

By Sidra Sheikh
Image Courtesy: The Guardian 

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