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The Launch and Return of Fashion Weeks in TO

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week will be launching this year and is set to take place on March 9-14. Owned by Jeff Rustia, the smaller-scale event has already secured a partnership with L’Oreal Canada and its biggest beauty brands, which include Maybelline New York, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, and Essie.

Toronto Fashion Week will also be returning. IMG Canada and IMG Fashion originally canceled the event due to lack of support. However, Peter Freed, real estate media mogul of Freedom Development, recently brought the event and is excited to re-launch the project. Although Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM) and other alternative showcases tried to fill the hole that was left in the city’s fashion realm, it’s great to see the original mega-event making a comeback.

The event will take place in Yorkville. Under Freed’ direction, his multifaceted team is ready to creative an innovative week that embraces Canadian fashion, consumer interests, and addresses today’s retail trends while all integrating the use of digital media.

So, get ready. Toronto has a lot of fashion to look forward to. We at SHE definitely can’t wait. Follow us on twitter and Instagram as we share the exciting fashion moments with our followers live from the shows next month.

By Rhea Braganza 

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