Johnson Catches ‘Em All

He's done what millions of others including you have probably been trying to do over the past month. Nick Johnson, a resident of Brooklyn, New York is the first person to beat the popular game, Pokemon Go by catching all the Pokemon available in the US. There are currently 142 Pokemon currently available and Johnson posted on social media that he has caught them all, but the task was not a simple one. He had to catch 4,629 Pokemon, hatch 303 eggs, spend a few hundred dollars and walk over 95 miles in two weeks and he's not done just yet. There are still nine remaining Pokemon that he would like to catch. Of the nine, five have yet to be released and four are region specific. While he can't do anything about the unreleased ones, but wait for their release, he is looking for a way to travel to Europe, Asia and Australia to catch the four that are region specific according to an interview with Rolling Stone. “I’d love to travel to catch the three remaining Pokémon that aren’t available inside the US,” Johnson said. “I’m looking for a company to partner with to help me travel to Europe, Asia and Australia to catch ‘em!”   By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: Telemundo    

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