Becoming the victim

Put yourself in their shoes. An organization based in Pakistan, Never Forget Pakistan, has launched a campaign in an effort to hold certain celebrities accountable for turning a blind eye or staying silent towards the Kashmir killings. The campaign uses images of popular celebrities and made them look like victims of the same brutalities as the ones being faced by people in Kashmir. Alongside each picture is a story, which are real and help to highlight what is being faced there. Each individual picked was picked for a reason. One of the celebrities chosen was Mark Zuckerberg because Facebook censored the stories in the name of 'Community Standards' and so they chose Zuckerberg to highlight the issue of internet censorship. Here's a look at the images and stories alongside them: 13690735_745627038908752_4277520816233551771_n 123 1110 103 84 413 213   By Sidra Sheikh Images: Never Forget Pakistan  

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