Happy Birthday Malala!

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize turns 19 today. Yousafzai is known around the world as the girl who got shot by the Taliban for demanding that she and all other girls be able to receive an education. After surviving the incident she has dedicated her life to ensuring every girl has access to education. Last year on her birthday she celebrated by opening a school for more than 200 Syrian girls living in refugee camps in Lebanon and as expected instead of making today all about her like every other teenager would she is spending her day trying to help others. She visited the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya today to voice her concerns about plans to close it down. According to the Daily Mail she said that every year on her birthday she chooses a region where girls education is neglected and tries to draw attention to it. "I am here to speak for my unheard sisters of Somalia striving for education every day," she said. On that note, Happy Birthday Malala, may every birthday help bring you closer to making your wish come true of ensuring all girls are receiving and have access to education around the world. Learn more about the inspiring birthday girl who was on our Dec/Jan 2016 cover here.    By Sidra Sheikh  

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