The world mourns a saint, Abdul Sattar Edhi

It's taken some time for us to write this post. There just are not enough words or rather the right words to help emphasize the loss felt by his death. Abdul Sattar Edhi, 88, a prominent Pakistani philanthropist and humanitarian died this past Friday after fighting a long battle with kidney disease and was laid to rest in Karachi on Saturday. The funeral, which was the first state funeral since the 1980's was held at Karachi's National Stadium and attended by thousands. The tens of thousands people who attended his funeral are just part of the millions who have been grieving his death around the world. Edhi's genuine nature to help all people despite race or religion is what has led his death to affect so many people worldwide. He was commonly referred to as the 'Angel of Mercy', "Living Saint" and "Pakistan's Mother Teresa". He created the Edhi Foundation charity with his wife over 60 years ago which ran clinics and orphanages across Pakistan, managed a group of ambulances that provided assistance to poor communities and became Pakistan's most relied upon social safety net, handling many of the responsibilities that the Pakistani government could not. Despite all he did what resonates most with mourners is his humbleness and willingness to always help no matter what and for that he will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace.   By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: Daily Pakistan

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