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Superhero soars through history

I never thought it was possible to enjoy a history lesson, but I thought wrong. Marvel Comics latest comic featuring the Pakistani-American superhero from New Jersey, Ms Marvel also known as Kamala Khan dates back to the Indo-Pak partition. Only a few pages of the comic book have been released, but they seem to be following Ms Marvel's roots and so they feature her parents as Indian Muslims in Bombay in 1947 migrating to the newly found Pakistan. Therefore, the comic not only explains where Ms Marvel is from and her family roots, but explains a bit of the Indo-Pak partition and the largest human migration in history. Here are some of the pages that have been released. 1-56 3-63 2-76 4-copy Another fun fact about Ms Marvel, Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra is the voice behind Kamala Khan in the game Marvel's Avengers Academy which is available for download now if you want to take a listen. Oh and one more fun fact Priyanka Chopra was on the cover of our Feb/March 2014 issue which you can check out here.   By Sidra Sheikh Images courtesy Express Tribune Banner Image: Express Tribune

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