Detachable Heels? Yes Please!

Canadian born designer Tanya Heath knows what we women go through to be fashionable. Shoes are just about every women's guilty pleasure, specifically the high heel. It's no secret how uncomfortable they can be for our feet, but Tanya has found the perfect solution to save us all. tanya_heath_paris_multiheight_shoe_dominy_silver_34_0 Tanya Heath Paris has changed women's footwear with her collection of interchangeable heels. The first of its kind, these heels are known for being easy on the feet and come in variety of styles. Every shoe has a button on the inside of the shoe that releases the heel once pressed. shoes Once you slide a new heel into place, it locks atomically and you're good to go! The heel itself comes in different styles from chunky to stiletto and tall to short, with six options being offered at the moment. Image credits: Tanya Heath Canada

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