October Fashion Tips

October Fashion Tips We don’t want to put away our cute clothes just yet and wear the dark winter colours, but we also don’t want to be cold at night! So we must make some changes to how we arrange our outfits to be stylish yet practical. 1. Take your cute metallic miniskirt (or any mini) and pair it with black tights and a over sized knit sweater. This will keep you warm but you are still wearing your cute mini from the summer.

2. Mix up your textures – take your long summer shorts in a yellow or dark green and pair it with a silk blouse and a wool jacket. 3. Who says over sized clutches are just for when we go out? Why not use one during the day in a dark brown. 4. A black leather skirt is always in season, especially this fall where leather is so popular. Take your favorite summery blouse and pair it with your leather skirt, and a beanie in a vibrant colour. 5. Wear a long flowing skirt, in a bold colour like red or orange, pair with tights (to keep you warm) and cute ankle boots. Top if off with a crew neck knit and we've got you covered! 6. Take a cute long skirt in a nude colour with a simple top but add an army inspired jacket over top to make it less summery and more fall like. 7. Layer knits on top of knits. Wear a chunky knit sweater with a knit scarf, for bottoms wear dark jean shorts and opaque tights or just dark jeans. Try these trends for the month of October, before the snow begins to fall!

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