Lakmé Fashion Week Recap 2016

Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016 took place at the St. Regis in Mumbai, India this past week and had so many great looks that we can't stop thinking about!  This season was focused on Summer style and we saw everything from flowey pieces and colourful prints evoking leisurely resort vacations. Here are our top choices for this season


quirk-box_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-online_indian-fashion-blog_scarlet-bindi_neha-obero57 quirk-box_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-online_indian-fashion-blog_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi6 This year, designers Rixi Bhatia and Jayesh Sachdev toned down their collection compared to their previous showing, and had more off-whites with a vintage feel. Everything was perfect for the summer season as the collection was very breezy and relaxed especially since most pieces were made out of linen and cotton. The models had very natural makeup on and their hair was textured and pulled back, giving you that perfect for the beach look.

Anand Kabra

anand-kabra_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi5 anand-kabra_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi6 Gold, blue, and reds were the main colours for this collection. The details on these looks are absolutely stunning and are perfect for evening wear. It's all about the neck line for Anand Kabra as the designer plays with both long or high pieces. His collection truly speaks for itself.

Anupama Bose

anupama-bose_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi2 anupama-bose_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi Colourful and beautiful, these sarees are great for daytime wear or an Indian summer wedding. Anupama Bose made this collection very eye catching and bright, perfect for summer. The detailing varies from very minimal to lots of prints and patterns, a little something for everyone.

Asif Shaikh

asif-shaikh_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi asif-shaikh_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi6 Inspired by Pakistani style evening dresses, Asif Shaikh did a more mature look this year with his collection. Every piece looks elegant and the prints and patterns are just perfect for any look you're going for.

Aneeth Arora

aneeth-arora_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi2 aneeth-arora_lakme-fashion-week-2016_indian-fashion-blog_indian-fashion-online_scarlet-bindi_neha-oberoi3 Aneeth Arora's collection is very light and summery! The models looked very adorable in their flower halos and soft innocent looking makeup. These looks are great for a day time look or simply something to wear for an outing with friends. Each piece is very simple yet had some texture to it to give it that flowy feel. Photo cred: Scarlet Bindi By: Deidra Barton

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