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Must Have Eco-Friendly Make-up Products

For those of you looking for some eco-friendly make up products, us at SHE Canada have come up with a short list of must have make up products! It use to be hard to find eco-friendly products and if you did find them they usually weren't as good as the regular more popular brands. Well now the world seems to be more environmentally conscious and people are more aware fo what they put on their skin!

RMS Beauty Signature Set Pop Collection

This small and multi-purpose balm is not only perfect for carrying around and applying make up on the go! It is also made from pure and organic ingredients. RMS's philosophy has always been about keeping it pure and organic and this product does not disappoint. This do-it-all kit contains a bronzer, highlighter, two moisturizing lipsticks and a nourishing multipurpose balm!


INIKA Organic Long Lash Mascara

This mascara is 100% plant derived!! Not only that but it is also very efficient, with it's powerful strength it is made to fatten up lashes and stay on there longer.  One coat will definitely work wonders! This product is also cruelty free, vegan and Halal!! What else could you ask for?

Axiology Lip Crayon

This product is made up of 100% organic and natural replenishing ingredients that are formulated to keep your lips hydrated all day long! Sweep your lips in a beautiful matte finish with this vegan and cruelty-free lip crayon! Not only is the product eco-friendly but the boxes that it comes in is made of recycled paper!

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