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Goodbye Duckface, Hello T-Rex Hands!

The newest Instagram faze isn't about your brow game or how big your pout is anymore. The new 'thing' is called T-rex hands and yes it is named after the dinosaur. This new pose was named by Instagram celebrity and beauty blogger, Huda Kattan--who is actually a huge fan of the pose. Huda thought of the name because if you zoom out, and do the pose with both hands, you'll actually resemble a t-rex. Soon after Kattan dished out the term in a quick how-to video on posing for selfies, #hudabeautytrexhands went viral as hundreds of instagrammers took it up. I t is the stuff memes are made of, but nonetheless a trend that has been around for a while. Just take a look at some of the major Instagram accounts around you and you'll see how the hand/claw manifests itself. 3286E9F600000578-3508195-image-m-157_1458843073532 T-rex hands is usually taken in a selfie and it's where you place your hands on either your chin, hair line or on the side of your face. Some famous celebs like the Kardashians and Zendaya are obvious fans. 3286E9EA00000578-3508195-image-m-131_1458840740107 It's a way to accentuate your features and looks great when your hands are places just about anywhere on your face. 12783946_261030340895484_2011948138_n Photo cred: Instagram By: Deidra Barton

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