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DIY Makeup storage ideas

By: Deidra Barton Any makeup junkie understands how hard it is to keep of all your beauty products organized and in place! The best way to do this is to get a system going and to have the right storage space to do so. We turned to Pinterest, our trusted source for DIY and storage solutions for inspiration and here are some of the ideas we can't wait to try out ourselves.   63c729e0-15c5-0132-0838-0eae5eefacd9 Shoe Organizer We all know how easy it is to fill up our small counter space. If you're running out of room, purchase a shoe organizer and hang it behind the door in your bathroom or wherever you do your makeup. This is the best choice for your lip sticks, glosses and nail polishes. 403cdc6d408420226ef775ada23021d3 Plant Pots When your makeup brushes are in your beauty bag, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart and you end up dumping everything on the counter to find one brush. To avoid that, get a flower pot and fill it up with decorative rocks and stick your brushes right in them. It's easier to see all your brushes at once and to grab the one you want quickly. 75ea78415528a5de0071917334dde5c5 Magnetic Makeup Board It's really difficult to see all your products when they're all laying over each other. With a magnetic board, you can see each product separately and it keeps everything nice and neat. The idea is very neat in its execution. Take a cookie sheet and hang it on the wall. Next glue small magnets on the back of your most used beauty products and voila, all your stuff is uncluttered and in sight. Finish off the project with your own decorative touches. f928fc00-15c7-0132-70cd-0add9426c766 Book Case The best way to keep all your makeup in one space! Find an old book case and simply store all your makeup from blushes to eye shadow palettes. You can also throw in some clear containers for your other products to keep everything more organized. 6-Candles Old Candles This is a great and creative way to re-use your old candles and store your makeup. By glueing them on top of each other, you're creating a chic and neat space. Most candles are see through which makes it easier to see what products are in them.   Photo cred: Pinterest

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