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Vancouver Fashion Week Updates

Vancouver, British Columbia hosted one of Canada's biggest fashion shows that happens every year! Vancouver Fashion Week officially celebrated its 17th year during its opening gala on September 18th. VFW is known for showcasing multiculturalism and brand new talent for the fashion design scene in Canada. The event has a total of sixteen designers that have the opportunity to show audiences their Spring/Summer 2018 collections. Here are some designs that stood out from the crowd for the first few days of the event! Day 1:  Designer- Nozomi Kuwahara- Kuwahara's collection was filled with fun and bold shapes! Puffy sleeves and geometric patterns paired with fluorescent pigtails and colourful makeup made the collection unique and eye-catching.

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Day 2: Designer- Hadasa- Hadasa brought femininity and spring in the air with pastel colours and flowing dresses and skirts. Lace, ruffles, fishnet stockings, and silky textures made the collection classic, yet sexy. Day 3:  Designer- Hakuyo Miya- Miya showed fashion week the dark side and light side of his collection for Mouton Blanc. The opening of the show had a gothic vibe with dark colours, sheer materials, and frayed pants. The collection had a light at the end of the tunnel and ended with a periwinkle blue piece that expressed the blossoming of flowers and life after the darkness of a storm.

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SHE can't wait to see what other Canadian designers have in store for us this week!  By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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