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Fall 2017: Back To School Fashion Essentials


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Fall is gradually upon us which solely denotes the beginning of a new school year for many. Just because you're caged in a library or lecture hall for a few hours, this does not necessarily mean you can't look your best while trying to stay convenient and mentally active at the same time! To ensure that you'll sustain your chic level at its maximum for the (hopefully) most of the year, we've laid out several essential back to school wardrobe  pieces for  both men and women that have been trending immensely in the fashion scene. Messenger Bags or Clutches/Pouches

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Wearing a backpack for six hours or more can be physically draining or even for some, mentally  draining.  You can always rely on stylish messenger bags or clutches/pouches to carry school essentials and personal belongings. Pair these versatile pieces with any outfit, dressed up or down! Turtlenecks

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Turtlenecks are regarded as one of the most practical as they not only ensure warmth during cold days but they meld well with numerous fall wardrobe pieces particularly with long coats and bomber jackets. Wear more subtle colours to increase outfit flexibility! Jumpsuits

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Jumpsuits are currently in the trend wagon because have been considered highly practical by women in the past years. Not only do they do well in layered outfits but they can be worn practically anytime during the year. Stay chic by pairing them with a turtleneck or a tee and some statement accessories. Bomber or varsity jackets

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One cannot go wrong with wearing bomber or varsity jackets as they instantly fit within the studious environment. Embroidered bomber or varsity jackets can be purchased almost anywhere and are definite conversation starters. Brimmed hats

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The commons may think that brimmed hats are only appropriate in the summer but obviously  fashion enthusiasts are opposed to this general principle. There are many types of brimmed hats such as the fedora that are suitable for the upcoming cold seasons and coordinate well with many fall wardrobe pieces. Chelsea boots

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Their simplistic yet stylish look is what make them popular amongst students throughout the previous years. To yield maximum outfit potential, match these classic 60s booties with jeans or corduroy pants and statement outerwear pieces! By: Franz Tabora                    

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