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Breathable Nail Polish: Halal?

By Ekta Mukhi About 8 months ago, a Saudi woman was harassed by religious police for wearing nail polish in a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. Shocking right? Many of you out there like myself, would be surprised to find out that several Muslim women have grown up with the idea that nail polish is Haram. These women have had no choice but to wear nail polish during their period, simply because they are not allowed to pray during those days. Wearing nail polish in those parts of the world serves as an indication to many that a woman is undergoing her period, and for most, that is an extremely embarrassing and a very uncomfortable feeling. The urge to wear nail polish though still continues, as it is considered highly fashionable, so some resort to wearing a peel-off variety that can be scraped off without the use of any chemicals. Upon hearing this, I was taken aback and decided to do some research of my own. What I came across is that, it is not that the of wearing nail polish is Haram. But rather what prevents a lot of Muslim women from wearing nail polish is that the substance forms an impermeable barrier over the nails preventing water from getting underneath. This makes performing Wudu (the Islamic for washing parts of the body using water, typically in preparation for formal prayers) almost impossible. inglot-o2m The Saudi woman sparked a fervent debate about the rights of women in Saudi Arabia, and months later, Inglot, the cosmetic company, has managed to bring this back to our attention by coming out with their new collection of nail polishes, Inglot O2M Breathable Base. This new breathable collection is said to work as it borrows a polymer used in some contact lenses to allow oxygen and moisture to penetrate the nail. The manufacturer has said that it is water vapor that reaches the nail but not water in its liquid form. Someone decided to test this theory out with a coffee filter. Turned out when the O2M nail polish was used, some amount of water did seep through, as opposed to when a standard nail polish was used. DSCN1340 So for my Muslim friends out there, O2M polish does meet the Wudu requirements without crossing any religious boundaries. Still want to pray and look fashionable? There’s nothing stopping you anymore! And for the rest who aren’t bound by religious barriers, go on and try it, it’s not your run-of-the-mill nail polish that chips in a day. Your manicure will still be looking fresh 2 weeks later! for more information, check out  

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