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Get personal with Sonam Kapoor

We all have that one celebrity that we want to know everything about, well if your celebrity of choice is Sonam Kapoor you're in luck! On April 29, Sonam Kapoor announced the launch of her app, an app she launched as a way to connect more personally with her fans. The app features three main aspects of the actresses life: beauty, fashion and fitness. It also offers tips and recommendations in other areas. It includes a lot of photos, magazine covers and posters, but what makes the app different from a web search is the emphasis on interaction, there is a section dedicated to live-streaming and chats with Kapoor. She also uploads short videos regularly including behind-the-scene aspects. Kapoor is the first Bollywood actor to release a personal app and for good reason. She is very active on social media and is one of the most popular Bollywood actors on social media. The app is free and ready to be downloaded. While it is being downloaded check out the SHE Exclusive interview with the Sonam Kapoor here.    By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: Mashable

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