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It’s About Time: Girls Season 2 Premiere

By: Liz Guber Last night, to the delight of countless twenty-somethings everywhere, Girls returned for a much-anticipated second season. Being huge fans of the show here at SHE, we simply had to offer our take on it. Miss Dunham had a lot of questions to answer and a lot of criticism to address. We think the first episode of the new season accomplished both quite satisfactorily. The episode opens in a mirror of the pilot, with main character Hannah lying in bed with her gay ex-boyfriend and new roommate Elijah. The dynamic between the two is in sharp contrast to that between Marnie and Hannah. We then meet Hannah's new love interest, Sandy, played by Donald Glover, and pick up where the truck left off, with Adam in a full leg cast, his heart as bruised as his bones. We utter a  silent "hooray"when Shoshanna enters the picture, rambling on like an outdated self-help book and looking adorably misguided dj-ing with a solo cup alone in a corner whilst donning a feathered fascinator. Something she picked from watching too much Sex and the City, perhaps? And how can we forget everyone's favorite: Marnie, recently "downsized" from her job, and still single, we still somehow find it difficult to feel for the character. It seems like the show wants to knock her down and build her back up, and we're curious to see how Marnie will emerge on the other side. Lastly, we cannot be blamed for completely forgetting about Jessa. Everyone I've discussed the show with felt the same way, which says a lot about the character's believability and the audience connection (if any) to the show's resident bohemian. The last five minutes of the episode tell us that Jessa and her goofy new husband are back from their honey moon. Jessa's hair suggests they went someplace tropical. In an adorable (or infuriating, depending on the person) quip, we are reminded of just how hasty this marriage was when Jessa admits to not knowing where her husband lives. girls2trailer Still there are many important questions to be answered. Will Shoshanna and Ray live happily ever after? When will Booth Jonathan make his triumphant return? How many headbands can Charlie's "tiny Navajo" girlfriend stack on her forehead at once? Girls, it's good to have you back.

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