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Beyoncé Brings “Holidayoncé” To New Sweater Collection


The highest-paid woman in music is bringing her own touch of Christmas to all this season! On November 22nd Beyoncé released a collection of not so ugly Christmas sweaters. The simple sweaters have straight to the point slogans and several of the prints are also made in ornament form! Some of the hottest items include the "Have a thicc holiday" crewneck sweater, a traditional Christmas sweater with the JAY-Z lyrics "Shinin' Shinin Shinin Shinin," the "Holidayoncé" December 2016 portrait tee, and the hand-written "Beyoncé Holiday Sweater."

Thicc Purple Crewneck- $45 US. Photo courtesy of Shop Beyoncé


Shinin' Ugly Sweater Long Sleeve T-Shirt- $45 US. Photo courtesy of Shop Beyoncé.


Holidayoncé White T-shirt- $40 US. Photo courtesy of Shop Beyoncé.


Beyoncé Holiday Sweatshirt Black- $55 US. Photo courtesy of Shop Beyoncé.

Tis' the season to grab a Christmas tree and purchase ornaments to go with it before they get picked over. Beyoncé's ornaments are playful and are in Queen B style! Decorate your tree with some vibrant diva ornaments this year.

Slay Bells Red Satin Ball Ornament- $12 US. Photo courtesy of Shop Beyoncé.


Bee Yoncé Enamel Ornament- $24 US. Photo courtesy of Shop Beyoncé.

Beyoncé's merchandise for this collection ranges from as low as $12 US to $85 US for a cozy Yoncé adult onesie, which can be purchased on the website. Happy holidays to everyone from the Queen herself!

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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