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21st Century Muslimah – Merging Faith and Fashion


Although Canada has been known to embody multiculturalism, the national discussion on the emergence of Islamophobia has had a wide range of angles throughout the years due to the increased worldwide incidences of terrorism. To ensure that Canadian citizens are not stricken with such fear, Muslim advocates in the country have been working hard to arrange groups, hold conferences, and other special events to celebrate and justify the beauty and importance of the Islam religion.

On Sunday, "21 century Muslimah" in Markham will accomplish such a goal by holding an informative conference as well as a one of a kind fashion show! The event, presented by Fall Fashion Forward and ROU Group Inc., will also include a shopping bazaar as well as a blogger's lounge allowing guests to mingle with significant Muslim online advocates and fashion experts. The purpose of this momentous event is to obscure Islamophobia and tackle other issues that affect Muslim women by empowering them so that they may discover their capabilities as leaders in their communities.

Image courtesy ROU Group Inc.

Tickets can be purchased via the Fall Fashion Forward website. For more information, visit the official Facebook event page.

By: Franz Tabora

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