Extreme heat travels throughout Pakistan

No electricity plus extreme heat seems like torture, but what seems inhumane to many of us is the unfortunate reality of millions. And with summer vacation approaching, many Canadians of Pakistani origin will also be planning for a trip to the country. The Pakistani Meteorological Department put out a weather advisory for Pakistan earlier this week. They warned of very hot and dry weather all week across the country. They indicated that Punjab, KP, Balochistan and Sindh will be the centre of heat where day temperatures will cross over 45 degrees and central parts will hit a high of 50 degrees. Multan is also facing temperatures around 47 degrees. Those in coastal areas will not be affected greatly because of the sea breeze. This includes Karachi and Lahore where the temperatures are expected to remain around or below 40 degrees. Mountainous areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir  will be affected by the heat and expect to result in melting of snow and glaciers. The heat is not only affecting the people and country, but it has resulted in longer power outage duration with urban areas facing six hours of power outage and rural areas eight hours of outage. Meteorologists have predicted for this weather to continue for a couple more days as there are no signs of rain. In the meantime, the department is advising residents to take into consideration the weather alert and be aware of the health authorities advice to avoid heat strokes and dehydration.   By Sidra Sheikh Banner image courtesy of Dunya News  

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