Vittorio Missoni’s Plane Still Missing

Five days have passed since the plane carrying Vittorio Missoni has gone missing shortly after taking off from the island of Los Roques, off the coast of Venezuela. Five days of non-stop searches have yet to reveal any trace of the plane, its debris, passengers or crew. The Missoni family is keeping hope alive, taking the lack of any debris found as a sign of Vittorio Missoni's kidnapping. Adding to the mystery, 48 hours after the plane was reported missing a text was sent from one of the plane's passengers saying "Call now. We are reachable"  but has since gone out of range. Vittorio's brother Luca, a pilot, is currently flying on search missions in Venezuela with the local authorities. The Italian government has also sent a specialized team of search-and-rescue divers. Although kidnapping claims of the Missoni family have largely been dismissed as gossip, Vittorio Missoni's son Ottavio said he believes that his father will soon come back alive. “A plane cannot vanish in this way, on a short route, without leaving any trace,” he said. “I remain convinced that the least plausible reason is that they crashed into the water.”

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