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The Most Unlucky Day of the Year is here!


Halloween season this year couldn't have debuted in a better way as the thirteenth day of the month landed on a Friday! Are you afraid?

Similar to last year's post, we've laid out some of the most popular superstitions around the world in honour of this spooky day. You may relate to some of these, depending on how superstitious you are.


Considered a universal superstition, breaking a mirror apparently, causes seven years of bad luck. In addition, there are beliefs that the mirror is connected to an individual's soul so don't get too excited or aggressive when taking those mirror selfies!

Trimming Nails at Night

Cutting or trimming in darkness with no medical assistance is supposedly bad luck in countries such as Turkey, India, and South Korea.

Tuesday the 13th In Spanish speaking countries, Tuesday translates to Martes which is derived from Mars, the Roman god of war, tying the day to violence and death. The Fall of Constantinople apparently took place on this day.

Sitting at the Corner of the Table

Originating from Hungary and Russia, a diner who sits at the corner of the table will unfortunately never get married. However, some claim that the bad luck will only last seven years.

Spilling salt

The frequency of this undertaking may scare us as spilling salt is regarded as bad luck in European countries. The betrayer Judas spilling the salt in Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper supposedly justifies this superstition.

By: Franz Tabora


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