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The SoulCycle Revolution

By Roxanne Bildan   SoulCycle has taken the US by storm. It is the revolutionized version of indoor cycling and the most original cycling class in the world, today. Cycling classes have been a trend for the past years or so, but SoulCycle has proven to demonstrate its individuality and veracity. Once located in the "rear lobby" at West 72nd Street in New York City, SoulCycle has risen to 13 different locations across the United States. Founded by two women-Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice- SoulCycle possesses a combination of  physical and mental health aid brought to you in one single class. The women’s past fitness experiences and desires relate to everyday life and mixtures of these were incorporated into their studios. SoulCycle has even created a cardio sanctuary where riders can come to clear their heads. Where else could you find this? The two women wanted to give their classes something that has never been done before and what many studios lack of. Successfully, they have attracted many customers and have already launched a clothing line in its studios in 2006 and e-commerce in 2010. The brand is currently delivering 12 private label collections. Products are generally pricey ranging from $40 for a top to $88 and higher for pants and sweatshirts. Not to mention their classes that are $34 per class. It's a no-brainer as to why SoulCycle attracts the high-end part of the US. However, what remains mind-boggling is the sold out products and filled classes given the high price point. Like the infamous Lululemon, SoulCycle has become a part of society. Individuality is the root to everyone’s obsession, but it appears as though SoulCycle is forming a community of its own. Unlike Lululemon and many fitness products out there, SoulCycle does not want non-studio people to wear their products; but thanks to the online store, this is inevitable. The community has become very popular that everyone has a fear of not belonging and longing to be a part of the new trend. This wave is leading many to purchase the products to display their belonging to the association. However, SoulCycle has come up with a new way to increase and maintain their individuality by creating limited products that are sold in the studio rather than online. Soul Cycle is like no other, and they are continuing to grow-sooner or later Canada will have a studio of its own and a SoulCycle Canadian community!ss_soul-cycle-packageSoulCycle-300x257  

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