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Stop Press; There’s A Unicorn Frappuccino Now!

Starbucks' has introduced its newest, for a limited time only, Unicorn Frappuccino. SHE ordered a tall, and the verdict is in, we have mixed reviews. As much as we would like to confirm that you do turn into glitter after taking a sip, the taste was slightly underwhelming. However, in this day-and-age, where it’s all about taking that perfect food/beverage picture to share on social media, the Frap does its job. An explosion of colour, the Unicorn Frap is visually, very appealing, with swirls of blue and hot pink topped with a dollop of whip cream and sprinkles.

The trend of over-the-top Instagram worthy drinks is not exactly new though. Places like Sweet Jesus and Peace Treats (inside Peace Collective) have been known for creating epic ice cream servings and drinks that over flow from the cup with their toppings (and even a piece of cake!). Whether Starbucks is just trying it fit in, ironically, by creating a drink that is supposed to stand out, their customers will definitely want to order (at least once) this sweet dream treat.

By Rhea Braganza

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