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Sofia Coppola Directs Latest Marc Jacobs Short Film

Written By : Anna Bandi   Marc Jacbos and his long time muse Sopfia Coppola have been good friends and inspirations to each other for quite some time. Whether it be Sofia sitting front row at his shows, appearing in his ad campaigns and even collaborating with handbags at Louis Vuitton, the duo have been known to have a soft spot for one another. Their latest  venture together is the introduction of Jacobs' latest perfume, Daisy Dream. The clip, directed by Coppola, stays very true to her own style. The short film is set in a field of daisies and stars Antonia Wesseloh. Like most of Sofia's work the film has a nostalgic atmosphere, subdued and muted colors and incorporates modern music, this time being Brooklyn based duo, Sleigh Bells. The fragrance bottle fits perfectly with the scent's name, it really is a Daisy Dream. Even if you don't like perfume, the bottle itself is worth the purchase. This scent is a variation from the original Daisy fragrance which was released in 2007. This is described as a more sophisticated and ethereal variation, with hints of blackberry, pear, jasmine and coconut.

Click on the link to see the short film.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

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