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Sarah Jessica Parker Honors Valentino at the New York City Ballet

On Thursday night the New York City Ballet was a crowed pleasure for those that were there for both the art of dance and the art of fashion. The night was hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker, whom has been on the board for the Ballet for the past few years now. The night evolved around three different dance movements preformed by 8 different dancers whose outfits were designed by none other than fashion legend Valentino himself. Even though the evening was all about the art of Ballet, near the end of the night, Valentino was honored in film and on stage for his contributions to the arts. Valentino, in an interview after the Gala, told the media that it didn’t take a lot of convincing for him to design the pieces and that - “I was very happy, because I know [ballet master] Peter Martins for a long time, and maybe I was waiting that one day he would ask me,” As the night progressed it came to an end when the ballerinas strutted down the runway, putting on a surprise show, all wearing Valentino dresses, in red and black. This was just the start of the party when all the ballerina/ models kicked off their shoes and the dance floor filled up. By: Ashley Kyron  

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