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Review: “Christian Dior” at the ROM


Significant feelings of astonishment and fascination are what the Christian Dior exhibit offered us at the Royal Ontario Museum on Monday.  Being surrounded by vintage couture garments was practically magical, providing you with a close study on what it's like to be an elite of the past and how luxury fashion was meticulously created in the post-war era.

The exhibit can be merely described as "short but sweet". Displays are set up in a convenient way that viewers can stroll around the small room but still have a full glimpse of what is situated in each area. Dressed mannequins, which are the highlight of the exhibit, are placed in the centre while individual garments, textiles, and accessories are showcased on the walls.

Evening and wedding dresses. Image courtesy of Dobbernation Loves.

Analyzing each piece is a must because it gives you an insight of how intricate and aesthetically-focused old designs were. One will truly notice the ridiculous amount of time and effort it took for the fashion label to produce such pieces for historical A-listers. The style is also highly intriguing, with many demonstrating a clear exploration of abstract forms and even some also appearing as derivable from today's avant-garde movement. Colour schemes are primarily subtle, with a few applying bold tones and "glitzy" effects.

Embroidered textiles. Image courtesy of Musings.

The displays on the walls are also as pleasing to look at as the dressed mannequins. Individual garments including evening jackets have beautiful forms and highly detailed embroideries. The printed textiles of the post-war era are simplistic, natural, but exquisite. Accessories, particularly high necklaces are stunningly elaborate, combining different stones and materials to ensure total sophistication.

Post-war Christian Dior necklaces. Image courtesy of Dobbernation Loves.

Overall, "Christian Dior" certainly embraced the idea of "quality and not quantity". The curator, Dr Alexandra Palmer, did an amazing job of capturing the most important historical fragments of the renowned fashion label to make sure that viewers have something to take home. If you are a legitimate fashion lover, this is definitely an exhibit you don't want to miss!

By: Franz Tabora

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