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Are you ready for Taylor Swift’s “…Ready for it?”?


Taylor Swift continues to surprise the world with her seemingly new persona as she recently unveiled a teaser for the music video of her new single, "...Ready For It?", which will be part of her fifth studio album reputation. The teaser has caused a wide array of reactions among the general public particularly hardcore Taylor Swift fans or "Swifties" due to her robotic yet revealing bodysuit and the futuristic references from the movie "Ghost in the Shell".

Contrary to "Look What You Made Do" which involved apparent hidden messages,  the music video content of the new single may  baffle us because of the cinematic and action packed sci-fi scenes. The teaser shows Swift acting out as a futuristic hero(?) battling some mysterious creatures in which some fans have already speculated is another indirect attack towards Kanye West and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. What are your thoughts?

Image courtesy Kenh14

The music video will officially be released today while the highly anticipated album is set to be dropped on November 10. We are more than ready for you Taylor!

By: Franz Tabora

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