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Quebec prohibits facial coverings in public


A new legislation was passed on Wednesday in the French province that bans the use of the niqab or burqa for face coverings upon usage of public transit or other government services. The law, which is believed to be the first of its kind in North America, sparked great controversy amongst the general public catalyzing interest on the debate of cultural inclusivity within the province.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard asserts that the ban was for "communication, identification, and safety purposes" as we are in a "free and democratic society". The bill was two years worth of work by the Liberal government to tackle the issue of state neutrality. It was amended in August to extend the ban from government departments and provincially funded institutions to municipal services, including public transit and subsidized housing.

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Opposing parties argue that the law doesn't go as far as religious symbols while Muslim advocates state that it inhibits expression of their religion. The Ontario Liberal government further points that the new legislation counters the country's Charter of Rights and Freedoms and could potentially yield legal challenges.

How do you feel about this new provincial change?

By: Franz Tabora

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