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Fashion Pieces that are on a Whole New Level. Literally.


Like history, fashion also repeats itself as seen from the resurgence of the 90's trends slowly making its way back into the mainstream. But, recently, we noticed that some designer brands want to up things a bit by making innovative designs to give a little bit of excitement and uniqueness into the fashion world (which we hope is the actual case). What's common about these items is that they've reworked the pre-loved items of consumers through its design and versatility. We've compiled three fashion items that have definitely caught our eyes because it's nothing like we've ever seen before.

1. Nike Fanny Pack Slides: the versatility of the item comes from the bag itself attached to the strap which gives the benefit of not having to carry an actual handbag (when you have to go somewhere really casual that's slides-appropriate, of course).

Photo courtesy of Nike

2. Balenciaga Shirt: it's no surprise that shirts are very plain and can be paired with anything. But if you're looking for a unique way to wear them, maybe try Balenciaga's t-shirt! The shirt has a blue checkered button-up shirt sewn on it. The versatility comes from the fact that it creates two outfits! So if you're opting for a casual look, you can put the shirt on; but if you're going somewhere a bit more formal, you can wear the button-up shirt (if you don't mind having the shirt as a cape).

Photo courtesy of Balenciaga

3. Alife x Crocs: Alife's crocs collection features crocs with tube socks attached to the sandals. It recreated the "socks and sandals" combination that some have been comfortably wearing. If you fancy something more unique, Alife also has crocs with  3D Jibbitz (that's removable) of some of New York's iconic landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.


Photo courtesy of Alife


Photo courtesy of Alife

These items are not the everyday type of clothing that you would normally see people wear on the streets, but if you're brave and are more on the wild side of things and can pull these off, we salute you!! There are variety of ways of how you can interpret fashion and this is just one of them.

What do you think about these fashion innovations? Are they worth investing your money on?

By Mary Angeline Joven

Twitter: @SHECanada Facebook: SHE Canada Instagram: @shecanada

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