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…And Now “Unicorn skin” Heels

LA based fashion stylist Samantha McMillen has discovered a new version of Unicorn-inspired style. On her Instagram, she shares this clip of the colour changing sequinned boots, calling them "unicorn skin."

The word “Unicorn” has been transformed into a marketing term that can now deem any product or service worthy of Instagram fame. Christian Louboutin is the newest brand to incorporate its effects into a shoe that, on the outside, has a regular golden pattern of sequins, but once you run your hand over it, reveals a hue of colours.

We love fun, creativity, sparkles, and colour. By no means do we want to stop seeing these elements in the products we use, but when it’s everywhere, it becomes the feared norm. The problem with anything that is supposed to be unique is that it will turn mainstream, and that is the exact opposite of what the word “Unicorn” is supposed to represent, elusive, ethereal and unworldly beauty.

By Rhea Braganza

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