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Montreal-based Scarf Brand to Lend a Helping Hand to Refugees


It is that time of year where everyone is looking for accessories for their winter outfits, which includes scarves! Nimi is the famous Canadian founder of the luxury scarf brand Niminimi. Niminimi designs are known for vibrant colours and patterns that are inspired by Africa and Canada. One of the pieces that made the brand's mark was when Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau wore a scarf to the 2016 Remembrance Day ceremonies. The scarves are made of high-quality silks from Italy.

The latest design that was launched by Niminimi is called "Ouvre Moi Ta Porte" or "Open Your Doors to Me," which is in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC). The program supports refugees when resettling or integrating into a third country.

"Open Your Doors to Me" scarf design. Photo courtesy of Niminimi.

The "Open Your Doors to Me” scarf conveys the message that:

"We have all come through different doors, at different times that were opened for us or that we opened for other loved ones. In the face of global crises, closing doors on displaced victims are simply not viable. Through these doors, Niminimi sees hope, a new life, sunshine and perhaps even a glimpse of peace."

Niminimi will send $100.00 CAD (for the 36 x 36 scarf design) and $30.00 CAD (for the 13 x 13 pocket scarf) to UNHRC. The scarf can be purchased online by clicking here.

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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