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Monster Exhibit at AGO sets the Mood for the Month


Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro has opened the doors to his "At Home with Monsters" exhibition, which features his personal collection of monsters, books, props and more that inspired his movies and characters that were created for Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy.

Courtesy of CBC Canada

The inspiration behind the director's dark, yet unique style range from Medieval to contemporary culture. Del Toro's particular interest in horror, fantasy and the Victorian Era are all featured in the exhibition. The director's house in Los Angeles known as Bleak House contains over 500 movie pieces, which is a lot more than the exhibition showcases. Del Toro spoke to CBC news explaining that literature and film have been and will continue to be a place where artists can express themselves socially and politically in a creative way.

Courtesy of CBC Canada

The Art Gallery of Ontario has tickets available for purchase on their website: The exhibition runs from now until January, so make sure to check it out!

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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