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We Love Ikea even more for Eliminating Single-Use Plastics


Aside from the white drawers we used to store most of our beloved makeup in or the white desks that became our office/study desks for late-night work sessions, Ikea proves yet again why we should love them (and it definitely worked!).

Photo courtesy of Ikea Canada

The Swedish furniture brand plans to eliminate single-use plastic products by 2020. These items include straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, garbage bags, and plastic-coated paper plates and cups. Eco-conscious practices have become an increasing concern for big companies, says Christine Ball of Ecobusiness Network to CTV News, as one of North America's Major fast-food chain, A&W follows suit. The burger-joint is said to eliminate plastic straws by the end of the year.

Plastic waste has been a major concern in recent years, especially for Canada these past couple of months; the complete ban of plastic shopping bags in Montreal took effect on January and Vancouver plans to ban plastic straws as of June 2019.


Furniture store in Scotland- a first look inside Aberdeen's new Ikea store.

Ikea Canada's Head of Sustainability, Brendan Seale, says that the company have also found ways in its restaurants and cafes to phase out single-use plastics. He tells CTV News that "[they] are hopeful that the commitment that [they're] making around the single use plastics will encourage other [companies] to join..." The company has already began implementing renewable and recycled materials in its production with the Tanum woven rug made from off-cuts of bed linen production; the PS vase built from the broken glass of other Ikea products; and the use of recycled wood and PET plastic bottles for their black matte cabinet door.

We hope that Ikea's plan reaches out to other major companies and they too do the same!

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