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It’s About Time—Christian Lacroix’s Return to Couture

By Priya Kumar, Executive Editor Back in 2009, when I was no more than a lowly showroom intern at Bismarck Phillips Communications (BPCM) in lower Manhattan, famed couturier Christian Lacroix filed for bankruptcy. A longtime client of BPCM, the fall of Lacroix signified so much more than just a fashion house going under for the fashion industry. Was this the end of haute couture as we knew it? Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2008 (161)_jpg Believe it or not, all high fashion cannot be defined as haute couture. The title is granted to only certain French fashion houses listed under the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris. The criteria were established in 1945 and updated in 1992. With Chanel and Dior also making the cut, Lacroix was certainly in good company. Lacroix will actually not be reviving his eponymous fashion house. Instead he’ll be the first director to bring back the House of Schiaparelli. For fashion-philes out there, there’s no question as to what this means. For the rest of us, think back to the Met Ball last year. Prada and Schiaparelli were front and center. There was much talk of who would take the reigns of the brand and now we have our answer. CL “It’s as if it was a musical about Schiaparelli, and I’m in charge of the costumes,” Lacroix says of the project. The presentation will run at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris’ Palais Royal. While the collection will be a one-off for Lacroix, we’re thrilled to see his signature bows and hats back in action. Schiaparelli’s permanent creative director is yet to be named. We’ll keep you posted! Visit Celebrity City

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