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The Gift of Giving: Clothing Stores That take Donations all Year Around!


Several retailers have partnered with different organizations in order for people to have the chance to donate their clothing and accessories! According to H&M, almost 95% of clothing that is thrown in the garbage could have been re-worn or recycled. In order to prevent such waste, since 2013 H&M has allowed anyone to bring their used clothing and bedding/towels that can be placed into an in-store collection box. People that do this good deed recieve a 15% off coupon for their next purchase. Their eco-friendly Conscious Collection actually contains some clothing that was recyclyed from the donations!

Courtesy of H&M

Recently, Nordstrom also decided to set up a donation box that goes to charities. Simply keep a box that you got from a Nordstrom store and put old clothes or accessories in it that you don't need anymore! The Give Back Box has a special pre-paid shipping label that you can print off on their website Lastly, drop off the box at any UPS or USPS store and voila! The Give Back Box has currently just launched in the United States, so Canada will be waiting anxiously for the program to hit stores as well.

Courtesy of EcoGoodz

Other retailers that like to give back include Levi Strauss and The North Face. Similar to Nordstrom, Levi's has a shipping label that you can print off, then bring your old jeans in any box to a UPS or USPS store. Also, customers get 20% off their purchase along with $5 that automatically goes toward Goodwill upon donation. North Face offers $10 coupons to those who drop off shoes or clothes at any donation box in-store. The donated items are recycled and made into products such as toy stuffing or carpet padding.

Courtesy of Pure Wow

Don't waste, but donate in order to help our environment and charities for those who need it most!

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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