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Elite to Elitist—The New Trend?

By Qaitlin Singh A few months ago we released a story on how Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch stunned and outraged the public when he was quoted as saying that he only wants “cool kids” to wear his clothing. Now it seems as though Lululemon, a popular chain of yoga and exercise wear, is following in A&F’s footsteps. They recently admitted to not wanting to cater to plus sized women’s needs. Meaning, anyone fitting into a size 12 and above is not welcome. Now, they do have size 12 clothing but they aren’t folded neatly or even on display. No. Instead, they are shoved, quite literally, at the very back of the store. To add insult to injury, the styles and colours are not from current designs but reflect the trends from 3 years ago. This sort of elitist attitude towards plus sized women is downright troubling, especially since the average woman in the States is a size 14.

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