By Fandah Kalboneh It is no surprise that fashion designer Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus would come up with something weird and creative for the collaboration of Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection. Jeremy executed Vasarely-inspired patterns and hipster prints on the bright garments while Miley designed the candy-colored accessories. Each piece of the accessories burst joy and smiles. The crowns and beaded accessories played whimsical features to the collection. Miley said in an interview, “A lot of what’s going on the runway is stuff I’ve had since I was a little kid, reshaped in new ways.” Not everyone can reuse and design old ‘stuff’ and turn them into an incredibly useful piece. Miley admires her collection and does not want to toss away old ‘stuff’. The ‘stuff’ on and off the runway are smashed bits of plastic toys, neon beads and collectable pieces of smiley faces and colourful-shaped beads. How smart is that? Reusing ‘stuff’ in such a way that looks admirable and wearable? You could carry your childhood memories with you. Although the collection sounds childish, the idea is not naïveté. miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-6 Photo via Getty Images miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-1 Miley beams as she watches the models wear her designs on the runway. Photo via Getty Images As for Jeremy Scott, he was excited for what Miley came up with for the collection. “I went to her house for a July Fourth party…and we started literally completing each other’s sentences,” said Jeremy. He shared pointers to Miley about his inspiration in fashion design that day. Eventually, together their designs perfectly merge beautifully. The runway was a jungle of psychedelic colors and geometric abstractions. The collaboration with Miley brought light to reuse old ‘stuff’ and reshape them into something striking in the fashion industry. Weird is good, but not office-friendly. View the Jeremy Scott x Miley Cyrus collaboration for the Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection below: Photos via