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Chanel’s forest inspired runway show at Paris Fashion Week blasted by environmentalists


With a number of high-end labels slowly acknowledging the importance of environmental ethics, it seems that Chanel is following a completely opposite route. The French fashion house has been heavily attacked by environmentalists after Karl Lagerfield fells what are believed to be 100 year old trees for his highly-anticipated runway show during Paris Fashion Week.

Chanel has been known for the over the top set designs of its runway shows at the Grand Palais exhibition hall and museum in Paris. In the past, the luxury brand has recreated an airport terminal, an ancient Greek temple, and even a space shuttle launching site. This year, Lagerfield decided to emulate a forest setting to reflect on the collection that primarily focused on earthy tones. The chopped down trees were also used as seats to accommodate elites in the entertainment industry.

Environmental activists from the French Nature Environnement group were quick to react on the seemingly excessive runway show, accusing Lagerfield of "heresy" and uttering, "Nature is not chopping down trees in a forest, putting them up for a few hours for a show and then throwing them into a skip."

In an attempt to mediate the situation, representatives of the fashion brand state, "in buying the trees, Chanel also promised to replant 100 new oak trees in the heart of the same forest." They also denied the claim that the trees were a over a century old.

This is not the first time Chanel has been in hot water. Lagerfield was bashed in 2013 due to cultural appropriation by incorporating Native American elements in his "Paris-Dallas" collection. He was also criticized on his use of PVC for his runway show last season after concern on plastic pollution was at a peak.

What are your thoughts on the runway show? Were you enraged or entertained?

By: Franz Tabora

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