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By: Harpreet Brar Introducing L’Oreal Paris’ new EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment for those who struggle with frizz control. The treatment is designed to undertake the frizz in your hair and create that salon-smooth effect we all long for. This product won’t cover your hair in the silky serum – instead it will infuse your hair with natural oils to produce a long-lasting smoothness rather than a temporary one. So what exactly is in the new EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment? The multi-functioning product features argan oil from Morocco designed to soften the hair whilst adding shine, sunflower oil that serves to smooth the hair, and olive oil crafted to infiltrate and condition the hair. These three oils combined create an exclusive formula that absorbs into the hair and won’t leave behind that greasy substance we all dread. Use it on wet hair or dry hair; L’Oreal Paris’ new product is created to deliver long-lasting effects, because no one wants smooth hair just for the moment. eversleek-precious-oil-treatment Speaking of oil from Morocco… If you’re a fan of Moroccanoil®, here’s another must-have product by the renowned brand: Moroccanoil® Heat Styling Protection. After establishing their name as the brand that presented the world with rich and lavish products for hair, the groundbreaking company has come up with a new product to ensure our hair receives full protection from heat-infused appliances. Moroccanoil® Heat Styling Protection is crafted to shield hair from the harmful heat that we receive from hairdryers, curling rods, flat irons, and hot rollers. Sodium Lanathe 40 maleate/Styrene Sulfonate Copolymer is added to infuse each and every hair strand with this effective styling agent – this ensures that your hair gets the protection it needs! The product is permeated with argan oil, almond oil, and Vitamins A and E. Together these ingredients infuse the hair with moisture to create a smooth and soft effect. Moreover, UV filters are added to decrease the risk of hair color oxidation. MO_Heat-Styling-Protection_Web We use these products here at SHE to give our hair the glossy finish and long-lasting smoothness it deserves.

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