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California is continuously ablazed


Since October 8, the horrific fire in the Golden State continues to burn and has been gradually eradicating the livelihoods of many Californians. The outbreak of the wildfire has become one of the deadliest in the state history according to Cal Fire.

Image courtesy CNN

Currently, it has been claimed that over 40 people have died and more than 200 people are missing. Cal Fire further reports that over 200, 000 acres have been incinerated and an estimate 5,700 structures have been destroyed.

While there are areas that have been declared safe, many residents will be traumatically coming back to nothing but soot and debris. Recently, it has been reported that a new outbreak has emerged in Santa Rosa instigating the evacuation of many more of its residents.

Our prayers go out to our southwestern neighbours.

By: Franz Tabora

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