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Bra Day – October 17th

This October 17th will mark the second annual BRA DAY in recognition of Breast Cancer. BRA DAY is to give support to women after the battle has been won. This organization is relatively new, starting just last year, however since starting up there have been 20 other countries that have come on board and are participating this October 17th. This program is to help women know their options that are available afterwards. It gives women information about reconstruction before it is too late. This organization was created by Dr. Mitchell Brown of Toronto. He is a surgeon and the founder of BRA Day; with his idea of closing the loop on Breast Cancer is the integral part of the women’s journey. The lack of awareness regarding women’s options ‘post-mastectomy’ is limited; with BRA Day women will have more education on the matter. Singer/Songwriter, Jewel is lending her support as the spokesperson for this organization; to help raise awareness. She believes that by educating women on the breast reconstruction process and to normalize the conversation surrounding the procedure it is a big step towards the emotional and physical healing. Check out her song she wrote http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flower-single/id554163134 and log on to our website www.shemagazine.ca for more information. Join the Fight, Cure and Aftermath of Breast Cancer and show your support on October 17th.

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