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ASOS will limit online returns via new size check method


ASOS is making another revolutionary move to maintain its renowned user-friendliness. After halting the use of photoshop, the popular British online retailer will now include images of models of all sizes wearing the same item to help control online returns.

Their new "size check" approach will not only solidify the company's stance on body positivity but it will also benefit many shoppers around the globe who are unsure on how certain garments will fit them. The store states, "We’re always testing new technology that can make our customers’ experience even better. In this case, we’re experimenting with AR (augmented reality) to show product on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape."

Image courtesy of Business Insider.

A small number of items currently implements this method however, the online retailer claims that the change will soon be applied throughout its site and app. Twitter netizens have already praised the brand for this new innovation.

By: Franz Tabora

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