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#ICouldHaveBeen Celebrity Campaign Sends Strong Message In Fight Against Women’s Violence


With countless sexual harassment claims circulating around Hollywood, many eyes have been opened regarding serious issues that women face in the industry and on a daily basis. International Day Against Women’s Violence is on November 25th and many celebrities are collaborating with the Kering Foundation's digital #ICouldHaveBeen campaign.

The idea behind this year's campaign is to put men in the shoes of female victims in an effort to reduce the violence that occurs against women and girls. The official day is meant to raise awareness about domestic violence, rape and other forms of abuse that are experienced by women. Iconic designers such as Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele, Christopher Kane, Dennis Chan, Stella McCartney and actress Salma Hayek Pinault unite to send a message to the young generation about gender-based violence.

Celebrity #ICouldHaveBeen Campaign ad. Photo courtesy of Kering Foundation.

The all-digital campaign runs from November 20-25 online. As seen in the ad above, men can visit the website and upload a photo, then be given a female name, and made aware of statistics as if they were born a woman. Women can also participate by entering the name as HER in order to encourage family and friends to come on board. François-Henri Pinault, Chairman & CEO of Kering, and Chairman of the Kering Foundation explained the campaign's stance on equality:

“Being born a girl should not equate to a higher risk of violence. Yet, unfortunately, it is the case in our world today. We all could have been born a girl, we all must take on this combat. A combat I am proud to confront together with the Kering Foundation, our Houses and their designers via our sixth annual White Ribbon For Women campaign.” 

Make sure to visit the website or hashtag #ICouldHaveBeen to join in on the fight to reduce violence towards women in all parts of the world.

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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