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Recent Attacks Raise Concerns Across North America


Las Vegas has reported that it just experienced the deadliest shooting in America. A country music festival was happening near Mandalay Bay and the shooter continuously fired shots from the 32nd floor of a hotel Sunday night. The shooter has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock who had a history of gambling. In total, 58 people were killed and over 500 are injured.

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The shooting is not connected to any international terrorist attack. Paddock ended up committing suicide before police reached his hotel room. Furthermore, the shooter's sibling, Bruce, said that he did not have a violent past and that there were no warning signs.

In Canada, there was also a recent attack in Edmonton, Alberta where police are still investigating if the attacks were of terrorist action. The suspect stabbed a police officer and proceeded to run over pedestrians that were on the streets and stopped once the U-Haul he was driving flipped. The suspect Abdulahi Hasan Sharif has been charged with attempted murder and is currently under arrest. The same suspect was questioned in 2015 for other charges, but there was not enough evidence to arrest him. Five people were seriously injured from the multiple vehicle attacks.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families of the Vegas and Edmonton attacks.


By: Alaina Pawlowicz


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